Application Program for Studying Study Abroad and Studying Studying University

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     Nguyen Van Troi College announces the enrollment of Studying Applied and Studying University of Research Program of the Nguyen Van Troi College & BSW Group – Germany:

     Conditions for studying abroad:

     * Students taking the National High School Exam must meet the following requirements:

  • Take and pass the National High School Exam with independent tests: Math, Literature, Foreign Language and an optional combination test (combination of Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology or team Social Science: History, Geography, Citizenship Education).
  • Achieve a minimum of 36 total exam subjects (no multiplier, no rounding), including no test under 4 points and at least 4 subjects not less than 6 points.
  • Admission to a regular university education at a Vietnamese university.

     * Students graduating from college or higher.

     Admissions industries:

     For research universities: Students can register for any field of 4 majors of Engineering, Economics – Trade, Culture – Art, Science – Society to attend university after 01 year of study. preparatory and academic results Foundation prepares for admission to professions in Universities in Germany.

     For Applied Universities: Students can sign up for any field of engineering, economics and commerce to attend university after 1 year of preparatory year and preparatory university study results for Admission to careers at official Universities in Germany.

      Students study German at Nguyen Van Troi College for 6-8 months. Pass 3 levels A1, A2 and B1. Take the B1 certificate. After that, students will continue to study German B2 course and take certification exam in Vietnam. Depending on the conditions of study abroad, when coming to Germany, students will be transferred directly to the University for official study or transfer to pre-university to the University. Most University tuition in the states in Germany is 100% funded, with the exception of a few universities but with low tuition fees. Students after studying can stay in Germany for 18 months and have the opportunity to settle in Germany.

In addition to the time of study, students are allowed to work overtime 20 hours / week with an income of 8 – 10uro / hour to be able to cover the cost by themselves.

     Especially: For the applied University in Germany 50% of the time students study at the University, 50% of the time practicing at the business. Students receive a university degree from the first year of college with an average allowance: 800 Euro / month. After graduating, 90% will be able to create jobs by the enterprises themselves during the study process. After graduation, if students have advanced study needs, they can continue to study for a Master’s degree.

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