Choose to Study abroad or Study in Germany?

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    You want to go to Germany to study and work, but you are wondering between choosing a vocational and university study program, choosing a program that suits your academic ability and your family’s financial ability. . In order to have an objective view of the unique characteristics of each program, Nguyen Van Troi College will evaluate for you the advantages and appropriate subjects of each program.

     Firstly, we will answer the question “Why is vocational training so hot today?”

     In simple terms, vocational study abroad is an extremely popular form of dual education in Germany, along with the acquisition of theoretical knowledge at vocational schools, students will participate in practice. internships in businesses, related facilities. Conditions for studying abroad in Germany are very simple: men and women aged 18-35, graduated from high school or above, have good health and have the required level of German.

     Especially when studying abroad in Germany, students will enjoy many benefits such as training to improve intensive skills; exemption from vocational training fees and monthly training support payments; After graduation you will be working in a practical training enterprise, if you do well you can sign a long-term contract and have the opportunity to settle in Germany.

     So clearly, the German Government applies a lot of policies that are beneficial for students studying in Germany. Due to the exemption of tuition fees and monthly subsidies, the cost of studying abroad in Germany is low, suitable for those with average or fair academic qualifications.

     Study in Germany University – The door is only open for those who persevere and study well.

     Employers all over the world appreciate the academic background in Germany so after graduation you will have many opportunities to get a high position with an attractive salary; Obviously, if you have a German university degree in your hands, your future will be bright.

     Conditions for attending a German university study are not too difficult; just have a college diploma or higher or have graduated from high school and have a university admission certificate with a number of graduation requirements, accompanied by the required German language proficiency was eligible to study at a university in Germany. However, you must know that studying in Germany is not easy, you should only choose to study abroad when your ability to study is really good, you have determination and hard work throughout the learning process. Before taking an official university entrance exam, you will need to take a one-year pre-university course to study the language and the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare for the university process. The average study time for good students is about 5 years, if you do not pass the graduation exam, the time can last up to 7 or 8 years or not eligible to graduate. Tuition for the official university program is completely free, but other expenses such as pre-university tuition, living expenses you will have to pay. So if your family can afford and you believe in your academic ability, then fully prepare yourself, German university is waiting for you, the future is waiting for you.

     Choosing to study abroad or study at a German university needs to consider many different factors, but choose Nguyen Van Troi College to support and guide you to participate in the program of studying abroad for a German university. The best way does not need to consider, please contact us via hotline 0911.43.42.45 for enthusiastic instructions.

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