Choose to study Nursing or Restaurant – Hotel in Germany

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     Nursing and Hospitality are the two hottest industries in Germany today, so choosing which career to study in Germany has also become a concern for young Vietnamese. Nguyen Van Troi College will help you to have an overview of the differences between the two professions to help you understand the career specific and make the right choice about the field of study.

  • Nursing Occupation:

     As Germany’s population is aging, the proportion of older people in need of health care assistance is growing, so Germany needs a large workforce in nursing in hospitals, nursing homes, and centers. medical, doctor’s office and home care needs.

Studying in nursing will give you the support of the German government, because Nursing is a serious shortage of human resources in Germany, so the job opportunities for students after graduation are almost certain. Nurses are always in the top 10 highest paying jobs today. The basic salary for a current nurse ranges from 2,200 Euro / month to 2,700 Euro / month depending on the business. In addition, if you have good qualifications, it will be easier to find jobs in businesses, nursing homes with much more attractive salaries.

     The work of an inpatient nurse is mainly health care for the elderly and the sick, so the quality of a professional nurse needs care, thoughtfulness, cleanliness, good communication. , understand the psychology of the elderly and withstand high pressures.

  • Occupation of Restaurant – Hotel:

    Germany is considered to be the safest destination in the world and has the third largest number of tourists in Europe. Therefore, the system of hotels and restaurants in Germany is very developed. When studying restaurant industry, you will receive training in: food service and beverage management; manage and organize service activities at the restaurant; organize events and festivals. For the hotel industry will include more training content such as reception, support and advice; check and arrange room; guide sales and transaction calls; planning, organizing the implementation of events; developing, implementing and monitoring hotel marketing activities. Like the Nursing industry, the human resource needs of the Restaurant – Hotel industry in Germany is also very high; With good training quality, students will easily have the opportunity to work in many large restaurants and hotels with average salary of about 2000 Euro / month after completing the course.

     In contrast to the nursing profession, the specialty of the hospitality industry is to work and interact with many different types of customers, so if you want to do well in this field, you must be an extrovert, flexible and competent person. dynamic. Besides, you have to meet two essential qualities that are good at communication and good at foreign languages.

     Hopefully, with our comparison, you will better understand the hospitality and hospitality industry. Contact Nguyen Van Troi College (69 Doan Huu Trung, Hoa An, Cam Le, Da Nang, phone: 0236.3605677 – 0911.43.42.45) today to register for study abroad and work in Germany.

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