Nguyen Van Troi College

Nguyen Van Troi College was established under Decision No. 938/QD-BLDTBXH dated July 18, 2008 of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. With the function of vocational training to provide a skilled workforce for society, Nguyen Van Troi College started enrolling in the 2008 school year with the number of 600 students and so far, over 13 years of operation, the college has more than 5000 graduates studying in the majors of Information Technology, Accounting, Business Administration, Tourism, Administrative Letters, Credit Finance, Industrial Electrical, Engineering Construction, Road and Bridge Construction, Welding, …. with the training systems of College, Intermediate, Vocational Primary and Interconnected Training.

In July 2013, the college inaugurated a new spacious and fully equipped facility for training and management work at 69 Doan Huu Trung, Hoa An ward, Cam Le district – Da Nang city.

Although the college has only undergone many years of training and has not been in operation for a long time, the school has achieved some remarkable results, the school’s operation has gradually stabilized, the enrollment scale has continuously increased year by year. The quality of training has been increasingly focused and improved, thereby gradually creating prestige in the society.

With a team of more than 70 permanent and visiting teachers and 25 administrators with university and postgraduate degrees in experienced and dynamic specialties, it has met the requirements of the college’s teaching and learning quality as well as the requirements of the output quality of the society.

The college has actively linked training with training institutions in countries with advanced technology such as Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, seeking scholarships, creating conditions for students to participate in many competitions. skills and practical competitions to give them many opportunities to find jobs at home and abroad. The college continues to promote comprehensive education, actively applying scientific and technological achievements in management and teaching and learning activities, especially in the fields of Information Technology, Hotel Management, other industries. High-tech engineering,…

Especially the Cooperation and Training Program to improve skills in the Federal Republic of Germany. The college has solved many jobs for students when training in Germany in the majors: Tourism (Restaurant, Hotel, Food Processing), Mechanics – Mechatronics, Information Technology, Construction, Nursing. Besides, the college has attracted many investors from Germany to Vietnam so that it can apply the dual training model from Germany to Vietnam in the field of Engineering – Tourism, …