Is it difficult to study abroad in Germany?

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     Certainly, many parents, students and students who wish or let their children go to university in Germany will ask the question, “Is studying in Germany difficult or easy? What are the conditions for input and output? Jobs after graduation and the cost of studying abroad college more or less? ”. After this article hope you will answer correctly for myself.

  • Advantages for Studying University in Germany:

     – Germany is one of the countries with the education in the top ranks and degrees recognized worldwide.

     – Tuition waiver: Germany is one of the top study destinations to maintain a policy of no tuition, only a few states have a tuition fee but very low: out of 16 German states, 4 actually Currently, tuition is collected from the first semester, but only at a moderate level of 500 Euro / semester, about 27 million VND / year. The remaining 12 states do not charge tuition. In addition, the German government has a number of supportive policies for international students.

     – High job opportunities: Employers in the world appreciate the academic background in Germany, so after graduating students have many opportunities to get a high job position with attractive salary due to a degree. It is recognized worldwide, and the German Government also creates conditions for international students to extend their Visa to stay and work in Germany.

     – Easy and open university entry conditions for many subjects: you only need to have a college diploma or higher or have graduated from high school and have a university admission certificate with some good grades. If you want to study German, which is required by the German level B1 or higher, you are eligible to study in Germany.

  • Difficulties studying German University

     – Language barrier: German is a commonly used language in Europe, but the German language is also quite complex, learning German can be a big obstacle for many people. Like other countries, the tone of each region is different and the way of speaking is different, making the first time you will have difficulty in communication and listening to lectures.

     – “Sock” culture: Cultural differences are a big problem regardless of your country. Germans especially value discipline, discipline and punctuality. Differences in lifestyle, thinking, as well as favor for indigenous people will also make you need a lot of time to integrate.

     – Difficult to graduate: Studying university in Germany is not easy, due to the language barrier and Germany wants to ensure the quality of human resources in the future so students must meet the output standards to graduate. graduate. The average study time for students to study well is about 5 years, the rest if not pass the graduation exam can last up to 7 years or not eligible to graduate.

     – The cost of living and studying is not too high but not as low as you think: Although Germany offers free tuition for undergraduate programs, international students are required to undergo German and pre-university courses. study before the official University entrance examination. You have to pay the pre-university cost of about 3,500 Euro, in addition to the living expenses during the pre-university course, the official university, not to mention you have been extended the time for college because Not eligible for graduation is not less.

     So when choosing to study in Germany you must make sure that your ability to study is really good (synonymous with good or extremely good) and must always determine that when you go to Germany you must study very hard. only, in combination with regular German language training to qualify for graduation; Don’t waste time, effort and money on half-hearted dreams. Of course it will not be easy if you do not embark on serious implementation. If you feel that you cannot afford to study in Germany, it does not mean that there is no other way to study in Germany, then choose to study in Germany, do not worry because when you receive any Any qualifications in Germany are respected.

     If you have made your choice, you have prepared your luggage for knowledge and finance, please contact Nguyen Van Troi College to guide the necessary legal procedures. set for your study abroad journey in Germany.

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