New regulations on applications for student visas in Germany

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     Since March 2020, the German Embassy in Vietnam has introduced the latest regulations on applications for student visas in Germany. In addition to the change in the procedures for visa applications and financial proof in the course of apprenticeship and language learning in Germany, the change in the requirement to prove German proficiency is one of the issues of great concern. For students wishing to study abroad in Germany, specifically:

      For students who apply for a student visa in Germany, only need to prove that the German language level is at least level B1 (or A2 level for studying a German course in Germany before apprenticeship):

     To prove German proficiency, an applicant needs to present a foreign language certificate issued by a test organization licensed by the European Language Testing Association (ALTE: Association of Language Testers in Europe). Currently recognized foreign language certificates are:

     * Foreign language certificate of Goethe-Institut e.V.

     * Foreign language certificate of telc GmbH.

     * Austrian foreign language certificate (ÖSD).

     * Certificate “TestDaF” from TestDaF Institute e.V. (Hagen University Institute of Remote and Ruhr Bochum University, only level B2 GER test).

     Foreign language certificates must be issued within the last 12 months to the date of submission. Please also note that if the foreign language exam consists of different modules, all of these modules must be taken at the same test site. Examination of different modules at different test facilities does not meet the requirement for proof of German proficiency.

     Special case: take a German course before apprenticeship, then when applying for a visa, you must also prove to have at least A2 level of German. The following certifications must be submitted:

     – Information about the course to be studied in German: Study time, number of lessons and, if possible, the content, tuition, and location.

     – Proof of tuition payment.

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