Student Admissions Program

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      Nguyen Van Troi College announces the enrollment of international students of the Cooperation Program between Nguyen Van Troi College & BSW Group – Federal Republic.

     Enrolled subjects: Men and women aged 18 – 35, graduated from high school or above (students with intermediate, college, university or higher degrees will have an advantage when participating in the program); good awareness, clear criminal record, no criminal record, criminal record, no hepatitis B, C, infectious and other social diseases, have German certificate B1. Priority is given to candidates who have the right qualifications.

     Admissions industry:

  • Mechanics – Mechatronics – Automation – Electrical Engineering – Information TechnologyChương trình tuyển sinh Du học nghề
  • Restaurant, hotel, chef
  • Baking and sales in the Bäckerei system
  • Home economicsChương trình tuyển sinh Du học nghề
  • NursesChương trình tuyển sinh Du học nghề
  • Build

Chương trình tuyển sinh Du học nghề

     Students participating in the Program will study German and take the B1 exam in Vietnam, after which they will go to Germany to study the registered major. Tuition fees at specialized schools will be 100% free. In addition, immediately after coming to Germany, the trainee period will receive a salary as prescribed from 700 € – 1,100 € / month.

      In addition to theoretical and practical time, students can work outside jobs 10 hours / week with a salary from 8 – 12 € / hour.

      Especially: After completing the course, the trainee has the opportunity to work in Germany for a long term with a salary of 1,900-2,900 € and after 5 years of continuous work, you have the right to apply for long-term residence in Europe.

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