Studying abroad in Germany

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     Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad in Europe, you dreamed of studying at a top quality education in the world but are worried about financial issues to pay tuition? If so, Germany is a wise choice for you because Germany is one of the top quality training countries in the world with nearly 300 universities in Germany applying the tuition waiver policy for national students. Bachelor’s degree program. Yes, you read that right. This applies to all students from all over the world. Because you do not have to pay tuition, you only need to prepare financial resources for accommodation, learning tools and recreational activities. If possible, set aside a tour of Europe to explore different cultures without having to apply for a visa. In addition, studying abroad in Germany is also a good choice for those who want to study and work in Germany. You will receive a monthly allowance for 3 years of apprenticeship in Germany (up to 1,200 € depending on the profession). So your desire is right at hand, too hot, right? Come on, carry your backpack and let’s go. Germany is waiting for you to discover.

     The first step to prepare for your journey is to come to us – Nguyen Van Troi College, you will be guided by us wholeheartedly and accurately about choosing careers and schools to study in Germany. You can also take German language classes organized by the school from the A1 and A2 level until the B1-level exam is eligible to study in Germany with a team of professional teachers in Vietnam. You will be advised to complete the procedures from applying for an interview, financial guarantee, applying for admission until applying for a student visa, and being consulted on effective study methods. results at German universities and life integration skills in Germany.

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