German cultural traits International students should know

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     1. Straightforward, clear and live the principle

     Germans are known for being straightforward and clear, they are willing to comment, evaluate, reject an appointment, offer or ask for help when facing difficulties; so do not be too sad or narcissistic if you receive comments that are too straightforward, you should receive it because those are positive suggestions that make you better. On the contrary, they also listen to the opinions and suggestions of others, so if there are any principles they make you uncomfortable, talk directly with them.

     Germans are cold and proper, they value privacy, dislike boasting, ostentatious and noisy. They focus on work efficiency rather than social relationships, especially they value time accuracy, with them everything needs to be completed in the most accurate level, so you need to pay attention. adhere to the time in work as well as daily life.

     2. Savings

     Electricity and water in Germany are very expensive, so save electricity and water. In Germany, people only use clean water so they have to buy drinking water and they have to pay for wastewater treatment so they are very economical in using water for daily use; The telephone is only used for communication, the unused electrical equipment will be turned off.

     3. Culture of vocative

     In everyday life in Germany, the greeting is very important, usually the first person comes first, or the first one sees the other first. Germany has a fairly complex vocative culture, the vocations associated with academic titles and degrees are also a sign of respect for the other person.

     4. Raising awareness of environmental protection

     The awareness of environmental protection in Germany is very high, they minimize the use of personal vehicles such as private cars, motorcycles, instead of buses, trams, trains and especially bike, don’t be surprised when the neighbors and colleagues around you cycle to play and work.

     5. The Germans are very kind and generous

     Although Germans live by the principles and are straightforward, they are basically very good qualities. Do not hesitate to make friends with Germans because they are actually very kind and enthusiastic, when you and they have been close to each other, they will be the most sincere friends because they value family. and friend.

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